Analytical Essay: graded task.

Please submit your analytical essay on the topic of professional development here. You will choose the essay topic yourself. (If you want to connect it to your project or thesis, go ahead, but make sure the focus of the essay is still explicitly on professional develompent!). If you want to continue with the topic of your integrative task, go for it, yet feel free to consult the more precise research question with me, If you wish.)

You can also send the essay to me via e-mail, in that case just write "sent via email" here! Please attach or send it in any word format (drive link or file attachment), not pdf, so that I can check out the word count :):).

If you are hesitant and want feedback to your essay topic / research question, send your proposed topic to me by e-mail until 22.04, I will provide feedback! (Not later, because after that is the time you absolutely need to make quality inquiry and research to write the essay paper).

When writing your essay, please base it on this structure and take into account all the criteria that you will be graded upon.

On May 27, we will meet to hear your 6-10 minute presentations about your essay questions, elaboration and conclusive results. Please prepare a presentation (powerpoint or other) with the main goals, main points and main conclusion of your essay, be prepared to answer questions about your essay (content, process, discoveries). 

If you should have any orther questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

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